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Bộ phát xung DKC-1B
  • Bộ phát xung DKC-1B
  • Mã sản phẩm: DKC-1B
  • Giá: 480.000 đ
  • Size:
  • Số lượng :
  • Lượt xem: 4656
  • Bộ phát xung DKC-1B
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Bộ phát xung DKC-1B

Bộ phát xung DKC-1B

Điện áp: 6-32 VDC

Dải tần số:1-20KHz






1 wide input voltage: DC6-32V        

2 multiple protection function: reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent

3 speed performance: single / double-speed control function, external speed intelligent onboard speed single-speed control automatically switches 

4 acceleration and deceleration: Optimization of S -type acceleration, there immediately stop /deceleration stop function

5 Output frequency: potentiometer speed, maximum output 20KHz pulse frequency.

6 Input and output: input and output of all opto isolated output pulse is negative. Bottom level of the input signal is valid.

7 delay functions: Before reversing the motor has 0.2S-6S delay time is adjustable. VR2 potentiometer adjustment.

8 homing function: The controller is powered for the first time to launch the default is the homing operation.

Function Description:

Control Function

    1: immediate stop / deceleration stop function 

    2: single / two-speed control function

    3: Homing function

Immediate stop / deceleration stop function
immediately stop to stop is received, or commutated motor stops immediately after the signal, or change direction. To achieve precise control 
deceleration stop to stop is received, or commutation signal after motor starts to decelerate to a certain speed and then stop, to achieve a smooth stop and motor commutation. Single / two-speed control  of single-speed motor control is the forward and reverse speeds are the same, onboard speed potentiometer, external potentiometer and automatically switches,  two-speed control is the motor forward, reverse speed each set. To achieve a slow feed, fast return control requirements.


  Homing function

First start homing function, that is, the controller is powered, the first start is homing operation, the controller will only forward, this time we triggers forward limit, reverse limit does not work. Until the home limit signal is received, the motor will stop, this is the time we start the motor again into the normal operating mode. Of course, if we do not need homing function, it can lead directly to the home limit public shorted.

 Feature set

1. Control Function DIP switch settings ( On the 1 , next to 0 )


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