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Bộ Spindle 400/500w/600w không chổi than
  • Bộ Spindle 400/500w/600w không chổi than
  • Mã sản phẩm: BSKT
  • Giá: 2.880.000 đ
  • Size:
  • Số lượng :
  • Lượt xem: 7909
  • Bộ Spindle 400/500w/600w không chổi than
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  • Thông tin sản phẩm

Bộ Spindle 400/500w không chổi than

Bộ full gồm: 1 bộ nguồn (48v-12.5A)+ Driver WS55-180(220) + Spindle 400/500w (không chổi than) + Gá kẹp  spindle D55mm

Động cơ 400W đường kính 55mm dài 162-170mm dùng driver ws55-180

Động cơ 500W đường kính 55mm dài 185-195mm dùng driver ws55-220

1. Bộ Spindle 400/500w không chổi than giá 2.880.000đ

( Tốc độ 9.000RPM dùng nguồn điện 48VDC)

2. Bộ Spindle 600w không chổi than Giá 3.530.000đ

(Tốc độ 12.000RPM, driver dùng nguồn điện 220VAC)

2.1 Bộ Spindle 600w không chổi than Giá 3.530.000đ

( Tốc độ 9.000RPM , driver dùng nguồn điện 48VDC)


Ưu điểm: Tuổi thọ làm việc lâu dài

(Motor Bearing model 6900: size Outer diameter 22mm inner diameter 10mm thickness 6mm)

Brushless spindle motor parameter description:

Diameter: 55MM, total length: 170MM, air-cooled

Working voltage: 48VDC speed: 12300 rpm

WS55-180 controller description:

I. controller overview

The controller is applicable to the control of DC three-phase brushless DC motor

Stream 10A, with

1. start stop;

2. external potentiometer analog speed regulation;

3. inertia stops;

4. positive inversion;

5. undervoltage and overvoltage protection;

6. block protection;

7. compatible with Holzer and no Holzer: switch off power when switching between each other;

Two controller performance parameters

Function item


Voltage range: 20-50VDC

Rated current: 8A

Rated output power:Confirm according to actual product,

Current limit: About 10A

Position sensing mode

Support Holzer and no Holzer position sensing, Holzer electric angle is 120degrees

Maximum support speed The speed depends on the motor itself and the load insulation resistance>100MΩ  at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure

Insulation strength

At normal temperature and pressure, 0.5KV, 1 minutes

Three 、 terminal connection mode

Function item


Input power:DC interface

Motor wiring:

U: red line

V: blue line

W: black line

Holzer connection

Red line

Negative: black line

Green line: HU

HV: white line

HW: blue line

Adjust speed

SV: potentiometer control speed, potentiometer on both sides of the foot connected to the power and ground, the middle foot SV;

Switch machine

BR: inertial stop when grounding.

Positive inversion

F/R: turn back when you're low

Four 、 protection function and explanation

V undervoltage overvoltage protection: when the working voltage drops to a certain value, the system starts under voltage protection, that is, the motor inertia stops; when the working voltage rises to a certain value, the system starts over-voltage protection;

V over-current protection: when the current is over, the system starts over-current protection, in order to prevent damage to the controller or motor, the motor inertia stops, the current is normal, the motor automatically back to normal work;

V blocking protection: Motor blockage after maintaining the maximum current of hundreds of milliseconds, close the output control, motor inertia stop rotating; within the prescribed time, if the lifting of the stall after the hand is to restore the normal operation;

Five, the use of environment and parameters

Function item


Storage temperature: -20℃~ +65℃

Using environment:

Avoid direct contact with dust, fumes and corrosive gases

Temperature: 0-45 DEG C

Humidity: < 80%, no frost, frost free

Shock: 5.9m/S2MAX

Storage humidity: 0~95%RH

Six. Failure phenomena and analysis

Fault phenomenon

Failure cause analysis

The motor does not rotate

1. check the power supply is normal;

2. check the wiring is reliable and correct;

3. Holzer's positive and negative error. The mistake is liable to cause Holzer to damage;

4. Holzer line and motor line position combination error

The motor is very slow, fast, or dithered

1. check the voltage is normal

2. check Holzer's phase is correct, Holzer phase easily wrong, check carefully

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